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TSTL-Too Stupid To Live:A mental and social disorder where by an individual lacks the mental aptitude and social skills deemed necessary to become a productive member of society. (aka being ‘Andycapped’)

*extremely lazy
*complains excessively
*thinks he has a musical talent, BUT really he's really tone deaf
*expects others to cook for him
*expects HIS dishes to magically to wash themselves, especially cultery
*will attend school for a major that will not get him far in life (ex. drama), yet will complain how expensive and difficult school is
*too lazy to seek out employment but will complain how much debt he has acquired
*when he is given a job, he is content to work for free
*typically lives in filth, and has horrible personal hygiene (ie. fecal matter found within genitalia)
*leaves pubic hair ALL over the bathroom
*unable to urinate w/o covering the toilet seat with urine
*uses a complete roll of toilet paper every day
*usually dates fat psychotic bitches with emotional problems that he met online
*likes to complain how he's way too busy, yet he manages to spend 2 hours/day on the phone talking to his fat psychotic bitch of g/f
*manages to make $1000 worth of long distance phone calls (in 1 month) to his fat psychotic bitch of g/f
Example: TSTL
Lily: Did you see what Alberto just did?
Kevin: No. What?
Lily: He was stirring his pasta with a butcher knife! What a fucking tool.
Kevin: Lily, that's not very nice, you know he suffers from TSTL.
Lily: Opps, my bad.
by Lily-Ghost-Buster December 06, 2006
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Acronym for "Too Stupid to Live".

Usually refers to a fictional heroine in a romance novel, but it can be applied to any fictional female character in a novel or film, and to a real female.

A well-known romance author invented this term, during mid-1990s, on a mailing list called RRA-L Romance Readers Anonymous List.
1) "Don't hang with Shelley. She's TSTL."

2) "I hate Gone With the Wind! Scarlett O'Hara is TSTL."
by McVillain November 04, 2003
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An abbreviation for the phrase 'To Say The Least'.


(1) At the very least; without overemphasizing the subject; to put mildly.
(2) Not to exaggerate.
We were not pleased with her work -- tstl.
by frosix June 28, 2017
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