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Something to say when you are:

1) acknowledging that you have been had. Vee is similar to 'Doh!' but with a bit of an extra, e.g. it's a backhanded compliment as well
2) a spoken expression of delight
3) paying a compliment to a cool person. Vee = cool.
1) "It was you? Oh, vee."
2) "Vee!" usually in reaction to a very good joke
3) "Gavin Knight? He's all right. He's in the vee range. Tell him to come over whenever he want."
by McVillain November 5, 2003
Revving. Keen to move on. All there at the starting line.
John: "Are you ready?"
Nick: "Yeah! I'm rarin' to go!"

Frank: "Liverpool FC have been trained so hard that they are all rarin' to go. Killing machines, they are now, man."

by McVillain November 5, 2003
A poor man who thinks he's above the station.

A snob with no money. He knows that he can't and will never get rich, so he clings on his idea of what makes him posh and better than his equally broke peers.
"Terry bought himself a flash car. He's a real Jeeves. Hasn't got it into his head that he's not going to get out of this dead town."

"I'll kill that bastard! You know what that Jeeves did to me?! When I asked him sumfinks about our Tommy, he looked down his nose on me!"

"Jeeves won't hang out with us because we are too common for him."
by McVillain November 5, 2003
A person who is completely deaf and blind to everything but his favourite show on television.

He or she is unlikely to answer the phone, speak to anyone and do anything except sit and watch.

He or she is also likely to be irritated or react badly if one tries to talk to him during that hour or in duration of his favourite TV shows that run in a row.
"Sorry, I can't get Bill to come to the phone. He's TV stoned at the mo. Call back after the show is over."
by McVillain November 5, 2003
Acronym for "Too Stupid to Live".

Usually refers to a fictional heroine in a romance novel, but it can be applied to any fictional female character in a novel or film, and to a real female.

A well-known romance author invented this term, during mid-1990s, on a mailing list called RRA-L Romance Readers Anonymous List.
1) "Don't hang with Shelley. She's TSTL."

2) "I hate Gone With the Wind! Scarlett O'Hara is TSTL."
by McVillain November 5, 2003