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When you are a n00b programmer and you did something wrong (ie infinite recursion, Krugg's Algorithm)
Time complexity = too much
Why u TLE u Krugg's user?
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by you have more mental ISSUES October 26, 2017
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The Linux Experience. (n.)

The experience a person gets when he faces the Linux coding and interface, as well as the relative lack of ANY GUI, particularly for the first time.

Also, the eagerness to break away from Microsoft Windows OS to learn Linux-based OS
I wanna learn Linux to enjoy TLE!!!
by Samuel Lee July 20, 2005
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Stands for True Life Entertainment.

They represent real hip hop.

Team members are Buk Joe, ORANGE, Elite and Klassy K.
TLE is dope.
by realkid December 04, 2010
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"TLE" stands for "The Liberal Establishment". The TLE consists of "news" media (aka, the "MSM"), entertainment media (aka, "Hollyweird"), academia (aka "higher indoctrination"), public education, global corporations (think "diversity initiatives"), all levels of government, and, increasingly, the military--all of which serve to advance a far-left, quasi-Marxists, anarchotyrannical agenda that seeks to undermine and destroy every pillar of the democratic republic of the US.
by Ex Machina January 25, 2012
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