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Technical Knock Out- A boxing term describing a situation where one boxer is judged the winner after knocking the other down three times.
Chavez won on a TKO in the second round.
by spenser October 25, 2003
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1. In boxing terms, TKO means "Techinical Knock Out". A technical knock out is when a person is struck down three times.
2. But, in terms of a person's love life, a TKO means that you've been turned down three times. Sad, but true.
1. Wow that guy was totally TKO'ed.

2. You struck out three times, man! That's another love TKO for you.
by sflagurl25 May 09, 2005
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"the knock out crew" or total "kaos"... crew of writers in los angeles.
by poopoocaca July 02, 2003
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A Graffititical gang from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Its meaning is Technical Knock Out. It also reaches into skateboarding and punk rock music.
1. Yo that shits TKO
2. Shit, have you seen the new piece by TKO?
3. That trick was TKO!
by wham August 02, 2005
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Turbo, Kelly, and Ozone. From the 1984 film "Brakin'" also released as "Breakdance" in europe!
None. But worth remembering if you wanna claim to be old skool.
by scribbeh October 17, 2003
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A clan of three 8 year olds with no lives. They post lies on GameFAQssaying they team killed people on Resident Evil: Outbreak. They try to make themselves feel good by creating multiple fake accounts on GameFAQs and flooding the REO message boards saying they are someone else and that they got pwned by TKO.
FakeAccount: I got pwned by TKO.
GameFAQsUser: STFU, you are TKO. Stop flooding these boards with this crap.
FakeAccount: But I have nothing else better to do because I suck. :(
by CAPCOM July 17, 2004
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