The place in downtown Patchogue, NY, to buy the best damn heros ever made.
"Phil is a pussy; he can't even finish a pizza hero from TJ's".

"Oh man, TJ's heros are on plates today! Hell yea!"
by JAdamz September 25, 2006
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An Irish Bar/Restaurant mainly populated by actors, directors, stage managers, designers, and professors from Pace University. If you do not know who Tommy and Kat are, there are free drinks at Hooks.
A: Are we headed to TJ's after rehearsal tonight?

B: Are you stupid? We're headed to TJ's after rehearsal every night!
by alcoholic_actor_chillin November 11, 2010
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Zoete: I'm out of wheat grass juice, can you go to TJ's to get some more?
Kyle: Why don't you get off your lazy hipster ass and go to TJ's to get your own fucking wheat grass juice!
by BlazeBlue999 July 4, 2019
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A gathering for individuals who have not yet matured. Mostly hard, angry goths/death metal entusiasts and other otherworldly beings who sport cutsey icckle Sesame Street accessories.
"I want destruction and death on the world. Where's my Hello Kitty handbag mummy? I'm off to TJ's."
by Gavyn August 24, 2004
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Nice junk food. Sometimes pisses me off when they dont deliver that fine shit.
Erm tjs? i told u i wanted da small fries bitch!
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When you purposely misgender someone, usually misgendering a transphobe, and you don’t want to receive any consequences.
Guy 1: Did you heard about Dizzy? She lied about her age. /TJ
Guy 2: She??? You just misgendered him!

Guy 1: Meh, it’s okay, I said /TJ
by antitjer April 15, 2021
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Someone with an amazing appearance, with a heart of gold, sweet as can be forgiving nature, whos sparkle, and whos smile lights up a room, something that leaves you in pain and wonder reminding you of pure and utter perfection and someone who will fukk u up...
There's Tj, that awesome nigga :P
by laklakalanaj December 6, 2014
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