Is a shorter way of saying turn it up...Which is a phrase that means something was beyond fun or its just away someone feels...Its just a phrase to express the way u feel about and event...ITS MOSTLY USED IN PARTIES OR OUTINGS
Man im trying to go get tiu at this party.

Dam that party was tiu'd!!!
cyrstal was super tiu'd 2night!!!
by RAVENSOUNIQUE April 5, 2008
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Short hand for tee-it-up or teed-up.
Bob: How'd you break your leg.

John: I went skiing yesterday and got TIU by the mountain.
by alexbell33 January 25, 2012
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She is a goddess from Cole World. Tiu can be the most sweetest , funny, caring , and loving person you will ever meet. She can give some good advice about relationships. She is really beautiful , and you'll know if she's actually Tiu if she a J. Cole fan. She may have lots of crushes on boys but she learns a lesson from each of them. Get yourself a Tiu.
Tiu is the most perfect girl I've ever met.
by bitch5679 January 6, 2017
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Equivalent to 'fuck' in Cantonese when pronunced in high and abrupt tone.
Tiu nia seng!
(Cantonese: Fuck your mom!)
by TIUtiu November 14, 2005
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Tiu is a Chinese word in the Cantonese dialect that literally means 'penis'. However, its most common use is not as a noun but as a verb. To 'tiu' someone thus means 'to use the penis on someone', or to 'fuck someone'.

Due to this usage, the word 'tiu', when taken as a noun, has morphed to mean 'fuck that' and used in a somewhat similar way to its English counterpart.
"She wants me to pay for her manicure? Tiu!"

"Tiu nay low moe! I've been waiting at the club entrance for more than 50 minutes!" ('Tiu Nay Low Moe' means 'screw your mom'. Here 'tiu' is a verb.)
by Dr Chee Bye April 30, 2010
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A combination of 'lan' and 'tiu'. Literally, it means penis fuck.
Jack couldn't score a strike while bowling. He turned to Sanagi and shouted "LAN TIU", to which Sanagi smiled back at him.
by The Black Jack September 16, 2007
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Fuck your mom.

Tiu is fuck in cantonese, nia = your, bu = mum.
Tiu lei lou mo

TNB Tiu Nia Bu > Namewee's video
by nwf November 19, 2009
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