Acronym for This Is South Africa. Term expressing affectionate resignation regarding a person, miscellaneous event or the general state of affairs in the southernmost country on the African continent. Used by the cool Capetonian kids on the street. Etymology: this word can be traced back to the earlier acronym TIA (This Is Africa) - as referenced, for example, by Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the successful film 'Blood Diamond' - which was given a regional twist in 2015. Coined by a blonde English girl who couldn't believe no one had said this before and thought it was amazeballs. Adopted by a core group after initial fierce resistance from a few doubters, this term is gradually becoming increasingly popular in the Eastern Cape as well as in the Mother City, naturally.
That train getting petrol bombed was seriously hectic. TISA.
by Blonde bergie November 26, 2015
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The Illuminati's Still Alive. Associated with TISA clothing line, which some say is connected to the illuminati.
T.he I.lluminati's S.till =TISA
by iNuRGiRlZMoUtH January 23, 2012
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"That Is So Awesome!"
Can be used for both good OR bad occurrences.
A good substitute for the word, "Geeze!"
Adam: "I scored with that hot blonde from Hooters."
Matt: "TISA, Dude! How was it? Were her girls real?"

Matt: "My dog tore open and ate a whole box of Raisin Bran.
He left a 4-inch brown trail down the stairs."
Adam: "TISA!"
by Scrappy SamCat September 23, 2009
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Transient Intractable Seething Anger.

Results from dealing with militantly ignorant and uncooperative people, often cow-orkers.
Stan: "Why is your face so red?"

Ollie: "I'm suffering from TISA after being on the phone with the developers in Bangalore all morning. Now I need an adult beverage. A big one."
by Holey Schamoley September 29, 2011
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Nerdic, or preppy Abbreveation for "that is so awesome"
thought up by my friend Jen
(You are playing CSS and kill the entire enemy team, someone would most likely say....) OMG M8 TISA!!! You are so 1337! DONT LEAVE PLZ OUR NOOBINESS NEEDS YOU!!!
by ShadowKnight October 28, 2006
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another word for cool or asume
yo man u mad untisa, or yo homie dat game is tisa
by Bryan Prado February 07, 2005
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