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Short name of Muse's awesome song 'Time Is Running Out'.
"Did you see TIRO live in HAARP? I like Matt's screams!"
by halamadrid September 04, 2008
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Tiro means ruler or master. A determined man who is a ruler and owns everyone and everything. In games you may call others a "Tiro" & they might be confused about it. But you know yourself that it means a ruler or master. They may also be a Tiro from how they act. If they act like they're the SHIT. Call them a "Tiro"
Stop being such a fucking TIRO!
You play the game like Tiro.
You owned me TIRO!
by Tiro July 16, 2014
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True If Rubbed Out

Added to the end of written insults (most likely graffiti) to say that even if it is removed, then the fact remains that the insult is true. Usually based around truth.
Rusty is Gayyyyyyyy TIRO
by Frankster200 September 10, 2009
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Te tiro is Northern Mexican slang for "I like you" It does not mean " I throw you" It is fairly popular. The intensity may vary depending on the way you say it, you can say it with in a playful way and it will be understood that to is a joke. Though be sure to say it as you mean it because if you don't it will give you some troubles. Never say this to a girl/boy in public (If you actually like her/him)Be careful who you say this to since people here can be such big snakes. SSSSSS
B1: Oye bruh le tiro a Ana

B2: Que wey ¿porque nadie me dijo?
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by ThatChickWithABookAndNetflix November 06, 2017
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