Loyalty, Honor and Defiance. Always FULL BLOODED ITALIAN!
Tommy went all PISANO on John's ass.
by Dominique Pisano August 2, 2008
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Christian Pisano is an upcoming artist who dreams of making the big bucks someday. on the side he directs pornos making moolah amounts!!!!! some of his famous porn are: I need to BL on some T's, There's a Crotch Party up in Here Volume 7.
Dude i totally Fucked Christian Pisano!!!!
by "Bubbles" March 18, 2009
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/jō/ /pi-zan-o/
Acting extremely homosexual and having constant mood swings. Also, to be very rude and obnoxious to your close friends and relatives followed by being tremendously awkward. Other terms are Joey, Gay-Boy Joe, and Joey Pisano
He was acting all Joe Pisanoey to me today.
by AntiJoePisanoLover444 December 6, 2018
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