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A word used by the one and only MAC Dre out of Vallejo, CA.
The Bay area's word for: Being on ecstacy.
by Destiny. April 18, 2005
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A word meaning multiple extacy pills.
Aaron asked Jon, " Did you get the thizzles yet?!"
by Kinch September 04, 2006
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a thizzle is a single tablet of XTC
pop a thizzle is to take a hit of XTC
Thizzingis being under the influence of XTC
Thiz is what it is XTC is the new money making drug on the street
Thizzle Dance a strage drunken/high c-walk style step dance where u follow the lyrics to get stupid
Thizzle Wiggle is when a girl shakes her body so that it vibrates and that all of her is wiggling, while high on XTC
by FR3ZE TYLER April 27, 2005
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(THIZZLE): ecstasy; or a dance created from mac dre and da folks outta da crestside turf in vallejo cali
gimme 2 thizzlez u beezy!! or dust yaself off like bases been stole!! yadidimean!!!
by 209CUTTHOAT June 16, 2005
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thiz is what it iz. slang for etc.or dope. from the underground andre hicks(mac dre).. or like ay lets do tha thizzle dance~
lets bust out the thizzle. or pop the thizzle
by brianna April 09, 2005
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