Im the best there is, and ever was to do it, yadidimean.
by dolo May 30, 2004
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a phrase inquiring if someone knows what the other person means.
Person A: I'm gonna go dumb in my backpack, yadidimean?
Person B: Shahublaboopie!
by hapidonki March 7, 2007
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yadidimean translates to u know what i mean.
Yadidimean fa sho Yadidimean fa sheezy!
(know what i mean for sure know what i mean for sure(last for sure is congugated into eezy form)).
by myesha July 12, 2005
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"you know what i mean? you know what im saying? you know what im talkin bout?
i was sliding thru the cut on fillmore st in my 1994 lexus sc300 scrape thang on 22s #yadidimean
by bongkong April 20, 2018
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