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To take E.

To pop A pill.

To fall in a ditch.....

To be drugged by a large dominant group of ladies..... I.e. lesbians

To fall in a pot hole...

To sing badly...

To a get a ride home from a cute guy without having any memory of the incident...

To life....

"Hey, you trying' to pop some thizzles"
"Pop thizzles" "pop a thizzle"

"Thizzle pop"

Chewy blunt: to smoke a blunt with crushed up E sprinkled on it like a topper. Can also be smoked on top of bowl.

Rail: to snort any kind of substance most likely E.
"Do you want rail."
"Just railed a line"

If you eat E, you can chew it up and swallow it. You can dissolve it in the mouth. You taste the pill the most this way; the taste of E is very spicy and tangy.

If you snort E you snort it like you would snort any other kind of substance. Crush the pill as small as you can into powder form and cut in line and snort away.

If you smoke E. can be smoked like other substances or can also be put on top of weed, like a bowl or on top of a blunt. There for making it a "Chewy blunt"
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