The romantic act taken between a couple where the male eats 6 unripened bananas and begins to crap on the females chest, he then proceeds to crab his way down her body from the chest to the waist
betty was into some shitty sex so I gave her the green mile and things have never been the same
by the real dovakin November 8, 2016
The act of being forced to walk a seemingly very long hallway or corridor after the flagulance of another person is still fresh in the air, with the gas being trapped and concentrated within its small envelope.
" I had to walk the green mile to get to My apartment Tonight; I don't know Who it was or what They ate!"
by goldslinger November 10, 2009
The short "mile" that a prisoner walks before he is executed on prison grounds by the force of the law.
There's a dead man walkin' on a green mile.
by that guy August 4, 2003
A book written, in six parts, by Steven King, about life on a prison bloc and the lives of some of the inmates, such as Delacroix and John Coffee. Was also made into a movie. The title comes from the hallway inmates walk down before they are to be executed by electric chair.
When John Coffee walked to the chair, no one had the balls to cry "Dead man walkin' on the green mile!"
by Queen of the World July 21, 2005
Something you say when you're heading towards the inevitable. Usually either impending pain or doom awaits you. Intended to be humorous, or as a reminder that others have suffered worse and you now join their ranks.

The Green Mile was a short walk prisoners had to walk before facing execution. To say "Walking the Green Mile" was a way to tell other prisoners that you wouldn't be coming back from where the guards were taking you.
"Walking the Green Mile, better get right with Jesus."

Little Tommy said "Walking the Green Mile." when they called him to the principal's office.

Goobs said "Walking the Green Mile." as he approached the restroom after a 5 day pizza binge.
by BigPeterLilNuts May 20, 2019
Any distance walked that feels like an epic journey because you're stoned.
"Dude I walked the green mile to CVS last night, but the snacks were completely worth it."
by jiewnticus August 6, 2009
any distance that must be travelled by foot to buy weed. doesn't particularly have to be a mile, but will feel like one to the participants, as they will probably be stoned into their sofas.

as a result, the green mile is often a very daunting task for anyone that must travel it.
brian : roll another one then mate
terry : we're all out bruv, fancy walking the green mile?
brian : do i fuck
by MrCasual January 6, 2011