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A condition that affects females, causing their buttocks to swell to ga-dunkulous proportions.

Ga-dunktivitis is usually associated with ladies from African or Latino descent, but has been known to affect many Caucasian females also.

Side effects include inability to find jeans that fit and increased attention from drunken males.
Sir Mix-a-Lot attempted to spread awareness of Ga-dunktivitis with his 1992 hit single "Baby Got Back"
by MrCasual June 13, 2011
any distance that must be travelled by foot to buy weed. doesn't particularly have to be a mile, but will feel like one to the participants, as they will probably be stoned into their sofas.

as a result, the green mile is often a very daunting task for anyone that must travel it.
brian : roll another one then mate
terry : we're all out bruv, fancy walking the green mile?
brian : do i fuck
by MrCasual January 6, 2011
a simile for a particularly large vagina, named so because it resembles a hippo yawning. minus the big teeth a hippo possesses of course. that would just be weird.

a hippo's yawn can usually be found attached to a slosher or perhaps a lady that has given birth to twins with heads like south park's mr mackey.
trevor : how'd it go with that slag last night then?
pete : mate, she had a minge like a hippo's yawn
trevor : that bad huh?
pete : seriously, it was like stirring a bucket of wallpaper paste with a pencil
by MrCasual January 6, 2011
cheryl : so, you got a boyfriend at the moment?
sandra : who me? of course not. i'm a gash grinder, dontcha know
cheryl : that's...nice
by MrCasual January 6, 2011