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Be advised, your woman of choice for the night MUST have long hair in order to perform this procedure "the Wookie" correctly. Also, you must save 2-3 days worth of Splooge packed in your bal bag for this one.. As she is on her knees gagging on your bulbous shaft, you must simultaneously ejaculate on her face and in her mouth. It is imperative that you cover her forehead and both cheeks along with filling her mouth with your jizzum.. At the same time you must swiftly grab her hair and toss it over to cover her face completely. The hair should stick to your man juice instantly.. at this time she will try to cuss you out, but the cum in her mouth will force a gargle that will resemble Chubaca.. Enjoy!
Dude! call me Hans Solo.. Last night I Wookied my Bitch and Space Docked her to keep with the theme... THE WOOKIE was great!
by gofyourself September 16, 2008
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A lesser-known sex move whereby the woman lays on her back and the man straddles her chest as if he were about to forcefully engage her mouth in oral pleasure. Then, before she knows what's happening, he grabs the headboard and pulls his dirty, hairy, sweaty ass up and onto her face, stifling her screams so the muffled yelling makes a distinct Chewbacca-like noise. The Wookie is brown, hairy, and results in loud, gutteral, nonsensical growling.
Gave the wife The Wookie last night. She was pissed but her impression was so good, I did it to her again.
by Handy Mandy May 06, 2012
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when you are doin it missionary and you arch back and begin the wookie mating call just like chewy.
we were doin it again, i got bored, so i mixed it up with a little star wars shit....the wookie
by Shiblet February 06, 2008
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