The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Quite rugged and attractive to real outdoorsmen.
I got that deer in THE U P last winter.
by Cool Rich April 3, 2007
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Hey bro you coming to the U P meeting later?
Yeah I hear it's the new cbt.
by DabutII October 9, 2019
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Shorthand for "user/pass" or "username/password."

Generally used among 1337 hackers or IT professionals when discussing user credentials.
Ok, it's set up, the u/p is john123/password456.
by WerriamMebster July 19, 2010
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The fat upper area above the pussy.
The mooseknuckel has a F U P A (fat upper pussy area)
by Just Jake! July 28, 2008
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Student 1 "What grade did you get on your report card? An E? Loser!"
Student 2 "No, I consumed S O U P! and using only 0.1% of my new founded power I altered space time to give my self an S+ Grade."
Student 1 "Da fook?"
by CEO of S O U P! February 20, 2021
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the "Urge To Purge".
Commonly known among bulimics, when they feel the urge or need to purge, puke up, what they have eaten.
Girl 1: Hey how are you doing?
Girl 2: Ugh not so good, after that meal my u to p is so strong :(
Girl 1: Don'tttttttt!
by wraina December 7, 2011
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Silver ITR wheels for sale.
950 shipped or 900 p/u.
by Marcus Thomas December 25, 2006
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