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TGL is an acronym for The Good Life; simply known as the life one desires. The term is widely used by the owners of the Bon Vita lifestyle brand which itself, translates to “Good (Bon in French) Life (Vita in Latin/Italian).” TGL’s popularity has increased since the exposure of Bon Vita’s signature snapback which has been worn by a number of celebrities; the item highlights “The Good Life” text at the front of the hat. As a lifestyle objective, the owners of the Bon Vita brand have also engaged in a Good Life project which encourages individuals to follow their dreams and thus as a result, live The Good Life. The acronym in particular is becoming popular as a tag on social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.
"Got myself a new job, my girl, friends I can trust and supportive fam, I'm en route to TGL!"

"We're poppin' champagne in the club whilst swaggin' to the max, living TGL!"

"Got my new Balmain jeans, Rick Owens sneakers, Givenchy tee and Hublot watch sitting in the passenger of my Ferrari California! #TGL"

"London to Miami, Miami to LA, LA to Vegas - if this isn't TGL, I don't know what is!"
by Fashionista101 January 22, 2013
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The Good Life. The life you live when you are worry free and usually high of your mind 24/7 and just don't give a fuck. It's basically the life of one who doesn't care what others think and enjoys life at it's finest. No worries and keeping their heads up homie. Don't worry, be happy the motto of a the good life. This is the life I live and everyone should as well
Welcome to TGL, everything's gonna be OK
The life I wanna live, TGL
by swagga9000 July 31, 2011
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Team Good Looking. They destroy scrubs and pound klymphs on a weekly basis. Be afraid.
Guy 1 "Bro TGL is so raw, they pounded some serious klymph last thursday"

Guy 2 "Of course they did, they're really good looking. Scrub."
by baderpaderpaderpaderp August 22, 2010
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