5 definitions by Rowdy Cain

Engaging in romanic, sensual, sexual acts in the back of a truck bed or on tailgate.
,TGL "Tailgate Love" Hey darlin how bout you slide of here and gimme sum Tailgate love
by Rowdy Cain February 7, 2015
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to do what ever you want with your money. Usually meaning to party or spend on ones self. to self indulge but not excluding paying bills. Also an attitude of "lets do this" pertaining to spending money
After I get off work I'm going to get my money on. go shopping. Party at the club. Buy a high dollar toy, floss, GET MY MONEY ON "GMMO"
by Rowdy Cain February 6, 2015
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GDOM "Go Down On ME" In a conversation or conflict when you want to keep your composure but make a point to somebody with out them knowing what your saying. Snap your finger and point down while saying GDOM. Basically telling and individual to suck it. "If you don't like what I have to say GDOM"
by Rowdy Cain February 6, 2015
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Any varnit, domestic pet, wild animal seen dead on road while driving with kids.
Hey kids look at that raccoon taking a road nap. Tramatizes kids way less. Used many times while in car with children.
by Rowdy Cain December 28, 2015
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Funktry is a Genre of music that incorporates the fusions and elements of, funk, Country, rock, Soul and disco music sung in the style of country music but arranged with the above mentioned elements.
I really liked that new song by Rowdy Cain, The Funktry music elements were dope.
by Rowdy Cain January 23, 2015
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