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Top Ten show host by Machinima favourites Steve and Larson who create a comical top ten list relative to video games and the gaming industry each week.
TFTW Top 10 Reasons Aperture Science Deserves a Nobel Prize

TFTW Top 10 Celeb Cameos in Video Games

TFTW Top 10 Gaming Controversies

TFTW Top 10 Most Outrageous Plot Twists

by El Murta May 15, 2011
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"Thanks For The Warning", usually usually used in response to someone leaving.
Joe> I'll be back later
Sue> tftw
by kirby February 11, 2004
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Abreviation: Teens for the World. An organization that helps teens conduct sucssesful non profit projects.
Johnny: How are you gonna organize that charity car wash all by yourslef.
Timmy: Im not planning it alone. Im having TFTW help me.
by Teen Charity May 04, 2009
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