An often used Acronym by an ever increasing community of people that play a video game called The Elder Scrolls
Person 1: "No sorry i cant come over today after school, im going to be playing TES."

Person 2: "TES?"

person 1: "Your such a noob." "it's a great video game called , The Elder Scrolls."

Person 2: "Oh ok then"
by MOTpoetryION July 15, 2010
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Traumatic Encephalopathy Syndrome, which is better known in its postmortem diagnosis as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.) TES is CTE in a living person. Multiple head injuries/brain trauma that have resulted from repeated concussions, brain bleeds & trauma; sustained by athletes at a high level of physical competition. TES has four stages, the highest rate of death is suicide in stage 3.
Muhammad Ali lived with TES for the rest of his life after sustaining dozens of concussions throughout his boxing career.
by Carmineprosciutto August 30, 2021
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The most vile , disgusting , selfish, lowest life form on the planet. A parasite to everything it comes into contact with. Sucking the life and resourses out of its hosts then moves on to other hosts leaving its offspring behind to finish the job.
by bigpacu August 10, 2012
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An intimidating armored assault vehicle, the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) saw its explosive debut on the battlefields of Geonosis, at the start of the Clone Wars. Specialized Republic drop ships carried the lumbering walker craft into the thick of combat, unleashing them to crawl inexorably toward enemy fortifications.

The walker features six articulated legs for propulsion. The legs are low to the ground, which reduces the walker's top speed but does provide it with increased stability. The body of the walker consists of two armored halves connected by a flexible sleeve that increases its mobility on the field.

The front of the walker is lined with four ball-turret laser cannons, while a single heavy projectile cannon is turret-mounted on the vehicle's dorsal surface. Its rear fire arc is protected by a pair of laser cannon turrets. Though the walker's armor can easily deflect small arms fire, tanksmasher rockets can pierce an AT-TE's armor and destroy its complex propulsion mechanisms.
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by not a starwars geek November 30, 2004
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Accidentally typing te instead of the.
Yesterday, I went to te supermarket.
by Valkyrie Ink March 5, 2019
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tE² (pronounced: "T-E-Two") is the abbreviation for a number that equals, 1 Billion^1 Billion^1 Billion^1 Billion^1 Billion(One Billion to the power of 1 billion 5 time over). tE² can be written as T with 1 Billion^1 Billion^1 Billion^1 Billion^1 Billion-1 E's following it. This number is the only known exception to the common English game where one must name a number and turn it into 4 using only the number of letters in a number.
P1: Give me any number and I will turn it into a 4
P2: Okay, tE²
P1: Thats not fair(proceeded by jumping off a bridge)

P1: Give me a big number
P2: tE²
by Mijbil TheOtter June 7, 2017
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an abbreviation of a retard. retard=tard. tard=te-te.

btw, in Latin, the direct translation of retard is "born slow"... its self explanatory
Person 1: oh no she could get drunk of hand sanatizer!
Person 2: wow, ur a te-te
by Will not Bill September 12, 2007
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