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An often used Acronym by an ever increasing community of people that play a video game called The Elder Scrolls
Person 1: "No sorry i cant come over today after school, im going to be playing TES."

Person 2: "TES?"

person 1: "Your such a noob." "it's a great video game called , The Elder Scrolls."

Person 2: "Oh ok then"
by MOTpoetryION July 15, 2010
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Tes is an amazing and wonderful girl. She has been through a lot of things, but she dealt with it. If your lucky, she will end up liking you. Tes is extremely beautiful, but is very picky when it comes to guys, so you better have a sense of humor boys!
That Tes is a beautiful one!
by _This_girl_loves_life_ June 01, 2018
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