An Idiot. A person with an IQ lower than three.

developmentally disabled retard
If you fail this spelling test, you're a Teflon.
Man.. That Teflon just ate his own poop.
by thomas xpacius September 23, 2004
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Nickname given by employees to the effects felt after working in DuPont P.F.O.A. storage tanks. Medical conditions caused by PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), a product used in the manufacture of teflon by DuPont, include birth defects, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disease, pre-eclampsia, and ulcerative colitis. 70,000 people living near the plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia regularly drank water tainted with the chemical known to be poisonous by DuPont - facts covered up at local, city and state levels, including the Parkersburg EPA. If not for the tenacity of local farmer Wilbur Tennant and lawyer Robert Bilott the case would not have been exposed.
Fred came home from work sick again — fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting — after working in one of the PFOA storage tanks. It happens all the time at the DuPont plant. His wife says the men at the plant call it ‘‘Teflon Flu.’’ Don't worry about it, he'll be fine.
by Danny Anonymous November 28, 2020
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A non-stick poo. The kind of shit that leaves no trace on one's rusty sheriff's badge.
When you wipe your arse after taking a dump but there is nothing there. The poo left no trail or trace on the loo roll or your sphincter. A Teflon Poo.
by MisLouLou January 5, 2012
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A manager or senior exec who "handballs" or refuses to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Blames others. From the saying "Nothing sticks to Teflon"
When the shit hit the fan with the merger, Rick blamed his team for doing poor work. He behaved like the Teflon manager he was
by lalalal April 24, 2005
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The act of using saran wrap at a massage parlor instead of condoms...
Yeah I used the Teflon Sean wrap job.
by 696969 teflon bro March 2, 2017
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Someone who puts off not doing things no matter what significance it has, and when the last minutes comes, decides it wasn't all that important along. Someone not treatable by advisers, tutors, etc.
Studying is crap for me. I'm the teflon slacker.
by mattematics December 2, 2011
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After Dropping a Deuce you wipe once and there isn't even a pale brown stain on the toilet paper.
The origin is Dow Chemical's Teflon that is applied to frying pans to keep food from sticking. Ronald Reagan was known as the "Teflon President" because no one could get any scandal to stick to him.
John: Sarah can you check my spokes and balloon knot? I just wiped and there wasn't any stain on the toilet paper.
Sarah: nothing there
John: Hey, I just dropped a Teflon Dump!
by ExitRamp June 4, 2004
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