"Take care. Keep safe."

Made up by John Stamos character in Big Shot
Example 1-
Marvyn: leaving now c u soon TCKS dad

Example 2-

Marvyn: okay, well... if you wanna join me to watch some game film, you're welcome. TCKS
EMMA: stop saying that! No one says that, I don't even know what it means.

Marvyn: yeah, cause I just made it up.

Emma: what?
Marvyn: yeah, I made it up. TCKS. "take care. Keep safe."

Emma: but it no one but you know that, it's just a bunch of letters.

Marvyn: oh, it'll catch on.
by MoonlightMaiden May 5, 2021
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Acronym for “Take Care Keep Safe

First popularized by the Disney + show named “Big Shot
Don’t forget onions when you go grocery shopping! - TCKS Dad
by Slippery Pasta May 2, 2021
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Shorthand for Third Culture Kid; someone who has spent a good chunk of their developmental years in cultures other than their national or ethnic groups. This can result in cultural identity confusion, multiple language skills, a high degree of maturity and independence, and a discomfort with settling in any one place for too long.
Guy: Hey, Beth's pretty comfortable with black people despite being a white girl.
Girl: She's a TCK -she grew up in South Africa and was surrounded by blacks.
by LittleGirl November 24, 2006
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short for "the cool kids". its just some teenage clique full of rich, popular potheads who think that they're the shit (when actually, they're really irritatingly stupid).
james:hey, is that kid in tck?
phillip:who gives a fuck, i don't like those 'tiny cock kids' anyways.
james:you're just jealous.
phillp:yes, i am. i wish i couls be just like them and have no life.
by hellokittymassacre August 31, 2009
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"Text Conversation Killers"- Words like "Cool, ok, nice, sweet, yupp, yuppers, etc. that don't mean anything and stop the conversation completely.
Dude I got the new iPhone!
(Long silence)
Holy crap it's the 64g 4th gen!
Screw u with ur TCK's
by FeelThaBurnnn January 3, 2011
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A student that wears a long, black trenchcoat. This student is usually unstable and has a somewhat goth like appearance. Thus making them a Trenchcoat Kid.
Student 1: Nice trenchcoat..

TCK: Go die!

Student 2: We gotta TCK over here!

The TCK would proceed to hiss at student 2.
by TCKfolife March 6, 2013
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acronym for Techtonik
guy 1:I'm dancing tck

guy 2:oh you are dancing techtonik?

guy 1:yeah

by Techtonik April 4, 2009
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