TBU is the greatest brotherhood unknown to man. If I told you what TBU stands for, i would have to kill you. Those who are apart of TBU are distinguished by their insane basketball skills and the jump shot of a god. They shoot every shot left handed eyes closed. Contrary to popular belief, they have been known to have missed two shots in their basketball careers. TBU is a secret orginization founded by the fabled Kyle and Austin. They play every basketball game completely unconscious and excell in outside jump shots. People have tried to join TBU but were promptly rejected. Every TBU member has achieved greatness on and off the court. There are also rumors that members of TBU are linked to the illuminatis. But this is just speculation due to their unparalleled success and ridiculous three point shot. But something that is not speculation is that great shooters such as Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, and Michael Jordan attempted to be apart of TBU but were simply not good engough. TBU is a lights-out organization and will continue for years to come. Members of TBU are walking in the streets among us as if they were regular human-beings, hiding their true identities as phenoms and three-point specialists. At some point in your life, whether you were aware of it or not, TBU has sunk a three pointer in your eye. There is no documented proof that TBU has ever existed, but it is clear they live among us. Members of TBU are also very good looking. long live TBU.
Wow, Kyle and Austin have range for days. I have not seen them miss a jump shot in years and they shoot all of their shots left handed eyes closed (and they are really good looking)!!! They must be apart of TBU!!!!
by TBU Founders May 31, 2011
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A student of the male persuasion that attends Pennridge South Middle School. Specimen listed under the name, "T.B.U." which stands for tall, blonde/brown, and ugly. This refers to his height, hair color, and overall appearance. This male has the tendency to have a stride that is highly similar to Pygoscelis (Penguins). His peers are subjected to random outburts of humming or vocal percussion.

This is all that is known about this creature.
"BUM-BUM-BA-BUM!" - T.B.U.'s vocal percussion.
by Scientist #1 November 25, 2009
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Tom Bodett Unit. A kissing cousin to BTU, this term measures the energy that's wasted when a motel leaves the light on for ya.
For a minimum of wasted TBUs, try to arrive at your hotel-room just as soon after dark as possible. P.S. Motel Six doesn't actually leave the light on for ya, good ol' Tommy just invented that hilariously-simple "friendly phrase" himself (you can look it up). :P
by QuacksO April 21, 2018
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