T4T means “ trans for trans “ basically a transgender person interested in other trans people romantically/sexually
trans man: are you T4T?
nonbinary person: hell yeah!
by veehehehe February 15, 2019
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"Trans for trans" slang for a trans person that is looking to date/hook up with other trans people.
I'm not t4t because I want to be with someone who understands me, I'm t4t because cis people are crazy.
by marajane69 September 2, 2021
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A relationship configuration which involves one transgender person who is romantically and/or sexually involved with other transgender individual/s
P1: Should I ask Miles out?
P2: No, I heard he’s only interested in T4T.
by Not_A_Drug_Dealer June 8, 2022
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Tit for tat, in other words you scratch my itch I’ll scratch yours. An equal trade of goods or services.
How about a little T4T since I mowed the lawn?
Alright I’ll clean the kitchen!
by FinniganLee February 25, 2020
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Tag photo for Tag photo.
On Myspace a way for people you dont know to add you, trying to get myspace fame.
Hey want to T4T.
Its a great to get myspace fame.
by ScreamingSceneKings February 10, 2009
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Training 4 Trainers developed by Ying & Grace Kai, missionaries to china. They claimed to plant 200 churches in 3 months, but anyone who knows how the Bible defines a church knows that's complete bogus. It's basically a get rich quick scheme but for making "disciples"
Mark Dever: Hey Ying! How's your devotional time? Mine was great today, I was reading Matthew 28 and learning to obey the command to make disciples!
Ying Kai: Sorry, I was busy developing T4T, what's Matthew 28 say?
Mark Dever: Nevermind...
by josh_watts May 15, 2022
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When a trans person only likes to date or prefers to date other trans people
trans person: i’m t4t!
trans person: me too!
by s.izz.le January 22, 2022
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