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(Verb) ....getting no customer service at all. Passed around from one telephone number to the next, to the next, and being put on hold forever, and not getting any of the informatoin you're requesting.
"Oh no we can't answer that. You need to call this number, please hold........."
"Oh that is all handled thru this telephone number, but you need to call back during bussiness hours"
"I'll get my supervisor to call you back as soon as he/she get's back"

"Dude I just got AT&T'd by my local cable company"
by qn.harpy September 07, 2011

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Noun. When you have a belly that doubles as a table.
"Man her belly was so big she could rest her plate on it" She's got a tabelly
by qn.harpy June 09, 2009

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To delay the act of being an asshole.

Example Question: Why be an asshole later when you can get it over with now.

Why procastinasshole.
by qn.harpy March 13, 2009

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pertaining to the condition of having unshaven armpits, or excessively hairy armpits.
She raised her hand and all I saw was her squatchpits.

"I can't go swimming until I shave my squatchpits"
by qn.harpy November 12, 2012

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