T'Pol: A Vulcan Scientific Officer assigned to the USS Enterprise with the explicit purpose of diluting poor storylines with poorly disguised quasi sexual content.
Tripp: "isnt it time for my neuropressure?"
T'Pol: "take your clothes off"
by Miros December 23, 2003
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A Vulcan science officer. One of the most beautiful women in star trek. Her real name is Jolean Blalock, but her natural body isn't half as sexy as when she put on 10 miles of makeup to become T'Pol.
Dude, I found this amazing T'pol the beautiful picture at tinyurl.com/55veserh and I came so hard. Pictures are worth a thousand videos because they force you to use your imagination, which stimulates dopamine production and makes the experience even more pleasureful.
by Bad C dev February 26, 2021
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