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Guy "Ayo money, we're still on for tonight right?"
Girl "The steakhouse uptown at 8 right?"
Guy "That be the T&P"
Girl "Forsure"
by Ryan Jackson April 08, 2006
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"Thoughts and Prayers". A typical response on message boards when someone reveals that they are going through a hardship of some sort, to indicate that the person is in their thoughts and prayers.
Sorry to hear that. T&P
by MidnightBarrier November 09, 2010
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Abbreviation for "Thoughts and Prayers" used on social media to make your incredibly insincere sentiments, incredibly convenient to deliver.
That smug prick Chazzzzz changed his FaceBook status to "T&P" instead of typing out "Thoughts and Prayers to the victims of that middle-aged serial rapist in Palm Beach County".
by ajpolo November 13, 2017
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