To hang ones scrotum into anothers mouth (generally while sleeping), and at the same time have an erection, therefore creating a shape similar to a T-Bone in a steak.
Dude1: Bro! Enjoy your sleep last night?
Dude2: Yea, it was aight i guess..
Dude1: Not feel anything strange?
Dude2: Aight bitch meat what the fuck did you do to me?
Dude1: Bro you got given a MEGA T BONE and didn't even reallise! Check it we video'd it
by Your brotherrrrr October 14, 2007
Small, blonde student matriculating at the University of Vermont
"You know T Bone? She lives over in Moose Hall at UVM!"
by Mooze November 24, 2006
When a car hits another in the side forming a letter "T"
"I ran a red light and I tboned this other car!"
by Monica February 29, 2004
A very abnormally tOlL male speciman who has a very small ;). Also has scary scary deep male voice and likes to date girls with the same sounding names (ex. Jessie, Jaycee, Josie). Will 10/10 screw you over
Speciman 1: OH MY GOD you should totally date him !!

Speciman 2: U THOT he’s such a T-bone !! Not even close to boyfriend material
by Hehehe112 October 8, 2018