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sylus is a really smart, funny guy. hes so easy to talk to. he doesnt think so himself but its true. he should give himself more fucking credit... ):(
by chloe.212821828 November 28, 2016
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Sylus is a chill person. He may be nice and chill to you but may be a bitchy annoying kid to other people, but who knows?

He is such an eye candy but he will most likely break your heart in just seconds. You'll be hurt for quite a while for that matter since he's the type to do that to a guy, girl, etc.

Sylus is a hilarious, sweet, cute, optimistic, annoyingly funny dirty type and cool person, he's pretty much best-friend material if anything.
Get a Sylus before anyone gets a hold of him. Seriously.
P1: Sylus is so annoying dude!
P2: Nahhh, he's chill.
P3: Nah! He's annoying! Are you delusional?!
by FlaisY Killers June 19, 2019
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