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Sydnie is an extremely attractive girl. One to die for. She has beautiful long brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. Her lips are great and she has the most perfect smile. Any boy would be lucky to have her. She is selective with who she becomes close to but once you do she is the most caring and loyal friend. She is very athletic and likes to keep fit, this is generally why boys don't go for her but if they get to know her they will 100% change and want to spend lots of time with her, they just don't realise this. She is sensible and intelligent. She dreams big but will definitely fulfil them. She has a great figure and is a great kisser. She is fun, outgoing and is always up for doing things. She is funny and has the ability to make anyone laugh. She has successful relationships with boys. When she turns up to parties all the boys want to talk to her, dance with her and are normally looking for a kiss and cuddle. If you know a Sydnie, get close to her as it will be the best thing you've ever done and she will be a friend for life!
'There's Sydnie, she's so hot'
'I know, I've been talking to her lately and she's so nice'
'I think I'm going to ask her out'
'Hey man, I was thinking about doing that, look at her she's beautiful and look at her body, woahh'!
by tottenham13 December 21, 2013
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Extremely hot girl who is crazy and fun to be around. Usually talks to much.
Person A: "Did you hang out with Sydnie today?"
Person B: "Yeah! She is so cool!"
by Fenskonater August 15, 2008
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Sydnie is a beautiful girl who is very creative. She always knows what you are thinking and can always cheer you up. She loves boys, and especially boys with short names like; Leo, or Sam.
"omg did you see Sydnie! She was so hot I want to date her!"
by pineapplescentral January 30, 2017
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A sexy beast who has an amazing body and hair. She has luscious lips, and she can make any boy die for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1: Have you ever dated Sydnie?
Person 2: Yeah, she's amazing!
by iloveyou:p June 13, 2011
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a girl with beautiful hair and luscious lips who has the best of both worlds and charms all she meets with her good looks, witty replies and has the ability to seduce almost any man
i wish i could be a Sydnie!
by coolkittycat July 10, 2010
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She is the hottest thing ever. If she ever texts you. You are the luckiest guy ever so you better answer her. She’s like so amazing. She’s super athletic. a
And oh did i mention that she’s hot. Sydnie’s normally have the prettiest eyes ever. Their normally really insecure si you better tell her how hot and beautiful she is.
“Isn’t Sydnie so hot?”
“Yes! I asked her out but she said she was already talking to someone! My heart literally broke into a million pieces!”
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An extremely ugly fat person who bites her nails and has no friends. Stay away or you will die.
person one: ew look a sydnie!
person two: ew i know sick!
by ohnoahhhhhhhhhwheeeee July 03, 2010
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