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The result of being too high or drunk.
Tom: What's wrong with you? Get in the cab!
Dan(intoxicated): Look at the pretty lights!
Tom: Wow, you're so swung!
by msttrafic December 17, 2007
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An indefinable feeling of having swung (as in swinging, as in swunging, as in swingers doing thing with other swingers.)
Have you swung with Joan recently?
No, I am not in the mood to swung. #swung

welcome to the swungle.
by Cynthia_Dahling April 19, 2017
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Kind of like being shook, but in proper 2018 form.
Person 1:” Did you listen to that new Seth MacFarlane album?”
Person 2: “Yeah, dude. I’m so swung!”
by antibananaray January 02, 2018
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