Basically, a man who fucks alot of hot women. He is not quite a player, nor a pimp. He isn't a heartthrob either. He just fucks hot women and exists.
Father: did you hear that Brad Penny fucked both eliza dushku and alyssa milano?
Son: Wow, what a swordsman!
by t7j939 June 18, 2009
A man, gay or hetero, who's great at sex or enjoys sex
My fiance is quite the swordsman!
by Sparki October 5, 2003
Person 1: Ugh another anime swordsman.
Person 2: He’s not another anime swordsman, he’s THE Anime Swordsman!
by Slick_One81 December 24, 2020
a man of dubious marriage potential, a homosexual, a bum bandit
backs to the wall lads, theres a pork swordsman on the loose
by Sally Struthers September 1, 2003
A green carrot that chucks sweaty swords at ninja giraffes

They are usually found in the dishwasher
Oh no there's a carrot swordsman cutting up our plates in the dishwasher 😱
by Men cat man June 17, 2019
A title given only to the biggest edgelords of all time. The first to hold such a title was Guts, or Gattsu in Japanese, who was the main character in the legendary manga of Berserk. Guts' features, persona, and clothing serve as a basis for what a Black Swordsman and an edgelord is: wearing all black, being a face value asshole and nihilist, scars and lost limbs, and holding a giant sword. A Black Swordsman doesn't necessarily have be from Anime or manga, however that's where most of the Black Swordsmen lie. A notable Black Swordsman would also be Kirito from SAO, proving that not all edgelords are certainly a good thing.
SAO fan twats: Kirito is the real Black Swordsman
Anyone with more than two brain cells: ... I take it you've never read Berserk then you 12 year old?
by The Original Argoniphile November 16, 2018
One that masturbates (male). A wanker.
Mr X: Hey! Take a look at your neighbour!

Mr Y: Oh yeah... The Lonely Swordsman. He´s usually at it after ten. Throw something at his window and he`ll close the curtains.
by grevdverg September 28, 2009