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verb meaning to steal, or copy. to thieve or bite off someone. Also to ripoff or try to get over on someone.
He tried to sell me a dime for 15! stupidly trynna swiv.

Imma swiv this niggas iphone.

Hes wearin the same shoes as you, trynna swiv.
by Nemo Cuz May 29, 2013
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also: swivish

1) A person who is a total bum, failing anything and everything in thier life. Everything they say tends ot be bullshit, therefore when push comes to shove, they fail and people see through them.

2) Gay, homosexual, camp

"Look, dont be a swiv, tell me the fu**ing truth or ill rape your daughter till she bleeds!!"

"Man, i think that pink leatard is a bit swiv for you"
by Craggers October 09, 2005
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Verb, transitive.

Uncommon slang term meaning to engage in intercourse with someone.

Unlike "fuck", it is not usually substituted for anything else. One would not say, "That swivving bitch." It means, quite literally, having sex.
"Hey, open up!"
"Bugger off, we're swivving!"
by Lissi February 20, 2008
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To violently and forcefully ram, shove, push, punch, or jam something into something
via giphy
by Draconian XII September 29, 2017
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