Fucking a girl in the vag, and then without warning putting it in her ass.
Guy 1 :Dude so I was fucking that chick last night and she got so pissed when I went switching lanes!

Guy 2: Nice bro!
*Obligatory high five*
by 240derp April 16, 2014
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When you go from cumming to then having to piss
I fucked this bitch then I went to the bathroom but had trouble switching lanes to take a piss.
by Dubs&Hoes November 19, 2013
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a guy putting his dick in a girls vagina then immediately putting it into her ass and switching back and forth periodically like so.
guy: bitch you got a nice pussy but ive been drivin it crazy for so long i want to switch lanes
by roxy rodgers November 19, 2013
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Its when you are fucking a girl and with out notice you put your penis in her ass catching her off guard like when you switch lanes on a highway with out signaling. Usually results with the girl pissed off and angry if she has never done anal sex before.
I switched lanes without signaling last night on Mary
by mr.Robare April 03, 2009
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when you are fucking a girl in the ass and quilckly pull out and put it in her pootang to clean the poop off your dick
I was switching lanes without signaling and now mary has a uti.
by scizott33 October 22, 2005
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To go after your significant others friend.
Hey did you hear about Zach he done lane switched and his girl put him out.
by Zrock September 20, 2017
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