Instead of Trick or Treating, you smoke a variety of swisher sweet flavor brands on Halloween Night!
"Bro, don't forget to go swisher sweeting before you come through my house for Halloween, we're going to be fadedddd!"
by roxannnelover4lyfe November 21, 2012
Cheap cigars that most people use to roll blunts with. Very easy to split and dump out the tobacco to replace with weed. Popular among rappers.
Lets cop a swisher and flip a blunt

im out my mind,just blew a thousand swisher sweets
in my black and orange charger,call it trick or treat - young jeezy
by Antron420 July 28, 2010
A damn good cigar. The smoke has a mild sweet flavor to it.
Pass me one of them swisher sweets
by PaulWall July 26, 2003
The type of cigar that lasts long enough for quick relief, but no too long so you're the only one smoking outside by yourself at a party. A good way to spend a spare $3 and have a nice, quiet, relaxing, refreshing, and tantalizing smoke. Comes in many flavors.
Hey, I'm going outside to smoke some swisher sweets.
by Hermie Greenleaf February 14, 2008
A cigar with a sweet flavor on the tip so you can get a delicious flavor while you get a buzz.
Yo Apu... lemme get a pack of them swisher sweets right over thurr
by EURRRIC July 16, 2005
Cheap cigars you can buy almost anywhere. They're alright, but I would rather spend the $3 it costs for a 5-pack of them to buy one better cigar.
The cigarillos, cinnamon flavored blunts and big swishers are alright, but the ones with tips and all the other flavored ones are crap.
by J.R. Johnson June 19, 2005
Cheap low-quality cigars, only some are respectable.
Swisher flavored blunts are decent, but wood tips and cigarillos are just plain junk.
by J.R. Johnson March 26, 2005