A traditional Wisconsin gift of 5 beers. Typically given at Christmas time (Christmas 5-pack).

The 6th beer typically being consumed for quality-control or delivery purposes.
Odin gave his friend Bill a Christmas 5-pack.
by BodyOfWork December 21, 2019
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Showing up to a Christmas celebration with a six-pack of beer, minus one.
A six-pack of beer with only 5 beers - a common occurrence with beers, the buyer has never tried.
For Greg's Christmas party I brought that new seasonal beer from New Belgium, but I had never tried it before (and I was thirsty on the drive over) so I gave him the Christmas 5 pack.
by 2horses December 24, 2009
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when someone has abs that are slightly slanted or uneven, appearing as if half an ab is missing
never make fun of someone for having a 5&1/2 pack.
1. they will endlessly venture for their missing and elusive half-ab, ultimately leading to their demise
2. They still have 5&1/2 more abs than you
by cheetaela October 24, 2013
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