To be unexpectedly back handed or bitch smacked.

n.swisher sweet boy
One who has been unexpectedly back handed or bitch smacked
Man Brad just swisher sweet boyed zach.

Zach is a swisher sweet boy.
by Shawn P. October 29, 2004
yummy blunt that has a flavoring, but you're smoking weed.
This swisher sweet dank blunt is getting me stoned man.
by thanksantsthanks October 15, 2010
when ur smoking a cigar while giving head!
AZAR had a swisher sweet wet with meat on hhis dad
by O'Doyle November 7, 2004
I used to chew smokeless tobacco, now I smoke Swisher Sweets.
I still spit like a pro.
by alberon February 27, 2020