When the male sexual partner pulls out just before ejaculation,in the old english school boy style, and proceeds to release his ejaculate wildly onto his female partners facial region. A sample of his load then seeps into her auditory member,left or right, and causing symptoms that would be diagnosed as swimmers ear.
Male: "hey babe is that hair gel in your ear?"
Female: "No, but I think i showered to long because my ear is killing me! I think I may have gotten Swimmers ear."
by Harder, J.R. May 27, 2008
You stick your penis into a womens ear and get ear wax on penis. Then you insert your waxy cock into her pussy using the ear wax as lube.
when micheal heard about swimmer's ear from his friend he inserted his waxy penis into tiffany's vagina. she was thrilled at how sticky her pussy was and how good it felt.
by Juicybigsausage March 5, 2015
when you cum in a girls EAR
oooh shit i justcame in your ear now you have SWIMMERS EAR
by YO SON whats GOOD July 6, 2006
When you're fingering a girl and give her a wet willy with said finger(s)
by Brett Short November 18, 2010
The act of a man blowing a load into the face of an unexpecting victim.
I was so pissed the first time I got Swimmers Ear.
by OHMF January 7, 2012
When a guy pulls out and nuts in the girl's ear. He then proceeds to kick her in the shin.
Hey Glenn, I gave Wendi a wicked Swimmer's Ear.
by Collin Mancack August 19, 2006
Immediately after completing the act of fingering a girl you use the same finger to administer a wet willy.
Swimmer's ear is a very strange sex act but I find it very satisfying.
by Coinage13 June 3, 2015