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If you took a blender and blended retardation, autism, political extremism, depression, hatred, failure, bitterness, and anonymity into a mobile app smoothie then you'll get Swiflie.
Fool: Hey this Swiflie app seems pretty cool, I'm gonna try it
Wise man: Don't! This app has reduced many intelligent proud souls into shells of themselves. This is a dark place where intelligence goes to die.
Fool: Too late you fat white conservatard nigger
by industrial October 31, 2018
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4chans wannabe rapey brother gone mobile. Swiflie is an app full of sheltered misogynistic basement dwellers showing off their hate for humanity itself. They also pride themselves in being "the wittiest people on the internet" while hiding themselves as anonymous, which is dumb since all they post about are dog rape, getting fucked by blacks, drama amongst retards, polls on utter fuckery, Muslim genocide, @chris and @aims, fat shaming and everything that makes you lose faith in humanity. Some of these users seem to worship the app they originated from, Yikyak/Candid, and will occasionally post about it being so much harder better than swiflie but can't do shit since it's dead just like their useless life.

A little piece of advice if you're going to download Swiflie, don't. If you comment on a post, you better be prepared to be downvoted to hell or get a fucked up reply followed by a gif reaction and you'll be fucked with notifications if your views aren't exactly the same as the ugly thots, beta white knights, antisocial lesbians and virgin alt-righters. Swiflie is also full of unoriginal jokes, and overused memes that should've died a long time.

If you are ever lucky to dm someone attractive rest assured they are either a catfish or they are more fucked up than you are. If you've ever fallen in love on Swiflie you will be sure to find your shared nudes in the NSFW group. On the plus point you can wank off to them along with the million other nudes of ex-rape victims.
Swiflie retard 1: I want to have sex with you.
Swiflie retard 2: Gtfo London Herd you bloody yank!
Swiflie retard 3: Muricas the bestt. Hail Kekistan! REEEEEEE
by Clitasaurousrex December 09, 2017
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An anonymous social media app primarily composed of feminists, overweight people, transgenders, and other minorities asking for appreciation from all, as they call them, bigots.

This apps most common reactions to people who respond to their posts with an opposite point of view include “triggered”, “bigot”, “homophobe”, “the left”, and “MAGA”.

Also, hit the gym MrsMucinex.
You look upset

“I was just on Swiflie”
Ah, makes sense.
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 May 07, 2018
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