A combination of the words sweet and sick. Occasionally used by mistake in a mid-word attempt to change word selection, but more commonly used as one of the swickest words known to man.
1. St. Stephen's Camp at the Diakonia Center in South Carolina is so swick.

2. In fact, that's the place where the word swick came about.

3. Its' inventor, Elizabeth Poulos, is also incredibly swick.
by DavidFromRaleigh June 20, 2011
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Some thing that is sweet and sick
Dude, that board is swick!
by bojangles November 27, 2003
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a combination of the words sweet and sick used to express feelings of much excitment or approval
dawg that ride is swick wit those phat bumpin subs
by Max Salit August 29, 2006
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A mixture between sweet and sick to make a greater emphasis on something awesome.
Tonight is going to be swick.
by jessie101smile July 15, 2011
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