Super wickid, condensed. Very edgy and innovative. Novel. Cool
Wow, that flying mosquito-net is swick!
by Allyson Bosworth August 21, 2005
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the word that describes being at the ultimate level in life. represents someone who is on top of his profession or skill and has no one that rivals him. someone that is barely less than a god. also can be used as an adjective to describe something that is really cool.
Barry Bonds is a swick.
That new mustang is so swick.
by bruins4herpes22 October 08, 2011
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A modern combination of the words "sweet" and "sick" meant to signify everyday things are "ill" or "gully." Available sources indicate this word came into usage in the suburbs north of Boston, MA and is slowly spreading west.
Dude did you hear that swick new MIA track? It's wicked awesome, no doubt.
by Jimmy Pilgrim March 08, 2009
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the combination of the words sick and sweet. sweet + sick=swick
dude that was a swick trick. man thats some crazy swick
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