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Take the word "Sweet" and add it with the word "Nice", cook it at 350 for 30 have SWICE!
Dude! That Gnar Kill show last night was awesome!!! Swice!
by Kyle O'Brien July 18, 2005
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Swice comes from the words Sweet and Nice. It isnt a very popular word yet but it will catch on. So next time you see something sweet or nice say that shit is SWICE!
Nigga those shoes iz swice.
by Sw1c3 April 08, 2008
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Yet another term used for ass or the buttox. Usually used in a sexual manner.
Dude, that chick over there has a nice swice.

I'm going the the club to get me some swice.
by Sour Lymon February 28, 2009
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