Goddess of hip-hop and r&b... won 5 grammies for her debut album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and damn well deserved it. Former members of the platinum selling group The Fugees. A wondeful artists and daughter-in-law to the late, great Bob Marley.

Beautiful or Talented
boy1 - Dayyyyum... do you see that fwine broad ova there?

boy2 - Oooweee... that chick is a dime piece... that's a Lauryn Hill if i've ever seen one.
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004
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wicked singer with sultry kick ass vocals. was in a good band called "the fugees"
check one of my favourite songs "lauryn hill-just like water"
by Settit June 24, 2006
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Someone who contributes something great to the arts...and never does anything ever again.
Those kids on the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill CD are probably in high school now.
by whitemale_98 January 06, 2005
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