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Virginia's finest.
Smart and Sexy since 1901.
The Commonwealth of Virginia is building a highway. Sweet Briar College is building womens' lives.
by Purplegoldpinkngreen08 December 15, 2004
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Like all women's colleges, Sweet Briar celebrates a woman's brain before the body. The beautiful campus (#3 by Princeton Review) rests in the hills of Virginia and consists of a wonderfully diverse group that enjoys educated discussions and crazy, time-honored traditions. SBC students can enjoy politics, science, the arts, and culture, wearing anything from filthy chaps to pink pearls. The school is proud of Princeton Review’s academic rating (94 out of 99) that rivals Ivy League institutions, it’s “rivals,” and the five remaining women’s colleges from the original Seven Sisters. The educators are dedicated, the equestrian program is strong, the education is exceptional, the atmosphere is friendly, and the colors and mascot are unique (pink and green, vixen). Every lady from a women’s college will understand the feeling of pride and loyalty, and boast an appreciation for wacky traditions and acts of lunacy. The lady vixens enjoy a healthy rivalry, but the majority of students do not live for bad mouthing the nearby women’s colleges. (See the SBC definition versus Randolph-Macon Woman’s and Hollins.) Snappy comments on t-shirts are the norm and “THINK PINK” is the motto.
Looking for a place to truly enjoy the four years of college?

How about Sweet Briar College?

Get Sweet.
by SweetVixen July 22, 2006
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Sweet Briar is a small, all-women's liberal arts school that is about doing it all: playing a varsity sport, holding a leadership position in ten different clubs, having a boyfriend, having three campus jobs, and earning an amazing GPA, all while wearing pearls and a pink bow in your hair.
VMI and Hampden Sydney boys may date girls from Randolph Macon Women's College and Hollins but they marry Sweet Briar girls because, they're quality.
by Cat October 13, 2004
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SBC is one of the most beautiful colleges in the world. It is a place where womens minds grow and develop. It's a place where women get a great education, play sports, and have a social life while wearing pink and green at the same time. It's fun, trendy and prepares you for life.
Classy class of 09 yall are so fine!!!
by sbc09 May 29, 2005
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possiblly the greatest collection of girls in America and beyond. Known for beauty, class, and personality, these girls top those from all other schools, especially Longwood. As opposed to other college girls, Sweet Briar girls actually know how to get (and KEEP) men and not whore around on a daily basis. The girls, being from families of prestige and honor, take care of themselves, and because they always look breathtaking, are instantly hated on by other, uglier girls from "regular universities". Sweet Briar girls do not lie, cheat, or steal. They are prime examples of what every woman should strive to be. If you think our campus is beautiful, wait until you see our girls!!!
"Longwood to bed, Sweet Briar to wed"
Guys date girls from Sweet Briar College because they don't want they're dicks to fall off from LU girl's diseases
by MMFNKJ April 06, 2009
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Sweet Briar College is an all woman college located 12 miles North of Lynchburg, VA. They are considered the #1 woman's college in Virginia by the US News & World Report. But . . . they are considered #2 or possibly #3 by any self respecting Hampden-Sydney man (behind Hollins and possibly RMCW). Sweet Briar girls generally are fat, rich, and constantly invading the HSC campus on the weekend looking for free beer, a quiet place to sleep, and a husband. They can easily be spotted at a HSC football game wearing loud colored sun dresses, their mother's pearls (or the ones daddy bought them), and pink ribbons in their hair. They are generally cutting in line at the keg, and don’t seem to care about any other guy than the one they are trying to marry at that moment. They are superficially “sweet," and men are suckered. These woman can simply be described as "carnivores."
Molly: How about that guy?
Ginny: Naw, he isn't driving a beemer.
Molly: What about him?
Ginny: Ick, he is wearing tennis shoes!

Ginny: Now there is my future husband!
Molly: You mean the guy wearing a pink polo shirt and kakhis? The one pulling up in the BMW X5 with 2 kegs in the trunk?
Ginny: Exactly!
by not important October 14, 2004
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