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Like all women's colleges, Sweet Briar celebrates a woman's brain before the body. The beautiful campus (#3 by Princeton Review) rests in the hills of Virginia and consists of a wonderfully diverse group that enjoys educated discussions and crazy, time-honored traditions. SBC students can enjoy politics, science, the arts, and culture, wearing anything from filthy chaps to pink pearls. The school is proud of Princeton Review’s academic rating (94 out of 99) that rivals Ivy League institutions, it’s “rivals,” and the five remaining women’s colleges from the original Seven Sisters. The educators are dedicated, the equestrian program is strong, the education is exceptional, the atmosphere is friendly, and the colors and mascot are unique (pink and green, vixen). Every lady from a women’s college will understand the feeling of pride and loyalty, and boast an appreciation for wacky traditions and acts of lunacy. The lady vixens enjoy a healthy rivalry, but the majority of students do not live for bad mouthing the nearby women’s colleges. (See the SBC definition versus Randolph-Macon Woman’s and Hollins.) Snappy comments on t-shirts are the norm and “THINK PINK” is the motto.
Looking for a place to truly enjoy the four years of college?

How about Sweet Briar College?

Get Sweet.
by SweetVixen July 22, 2006

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