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The Hampden-Sydney man is rich, white, alcoholic, often mistaken for a typical douchey wasp people fail to realize the H-SC man follows a strict honor code and in general is very respectful toward any female who isn't acting like a drunk slut trying to get free alcohol and drugs. The H-SC man typically graduates and attains a lucrative job, often his fathers line of work, but not always. Law school is the most common post graduation plan. The brotherhood at Hampden-Sydney is something you don't find many places on earth.
Girl 1: so where did you go last night at the party?!
Girl 2: I got separated from our group, luckily a Hampden-Sydney man found me and made sure I was safe until I got back to my place

Girl 1: that's awesome.

Girl 2: he was drinking straight whiskey and his family owns a place at the beach and in the mountains.
by Lillypulitzer69 June 20, 2016
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