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Sweet nothings are words exchanged between two lovers and usually portrayed in stories after an intimate scene or sometimes when two lovers are reunited. In a personal opinion, I believe they fall under simple things like "You'll never know how much I truly love you." Or "You're my best dream to come true."
The couple whispered sweet nothings to each other as the night turned into day.
by PyroSM May 19, 2015
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a sweet nothing is a complementary statement with no real substance, usually whispered into the ear of a significant other.

Most likely invented by the French...
He whispered sweet nothings into her ear until she let him f'dunk her
by Spencer August 16, 2004
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the act of whispering into the ear of a loved one. usually the phrases zhibbah zhabbah zhubbah are used.
"so man, how did you win her over at prom? did you use those sweet nothings i taught you?"
by Andrew Caron May 07, 2004
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whispered words into your lover's ear in hopes of arousing sexual stimulation; try whispering a few naughty or suggestive phrases; often it doesnt even matter what you say as long as you say it in a sexy way
As they sat together on the love seat, he whispered sweet-nothings in her ear all night long.
by ariana<3 April 13, 2006
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the act of giving a blowjob and spitting the ejaculate into the receiver's ear.
by SEVENONEFIVE April 13, 2005
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