A sweet boy is considered someone who is very handsome, with beards. He is usually loved by all the girls around him.
I love that guy, he's a sweet boy and a member of Sweet boys association
by thatibboy September 19, 2018
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A man, or a boy who is a member of the sweet boys Association. These men cannot properly take care of themselves so they depend on sugar mummies and other fraudulent activities. They can also be called Jigolos, yahoo boys or "Small boys with big gods/goddesses"
Femi should know by now that being a sweet boy would not get him a good God fearing wife. He needs to do better
by One person like that September 17, 2018
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If you are dating a guy, and your father calls him a 'sweet boy' it usually means he is wearing a tight argyle sweater, has -12 perscription glasses, and invents algebraic theorums.

After Ignatious Rattenberg finnished tutoring me in Advanced Calculus, my dad asked me why i wasn't dating a sweet boy like Iggy.

by Kleo January 1, 2006
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A man who is a sweet guy and tries to be a good person and be respectful and positive in life as a way of living.
Childish Gambino is a sweet boi! Dude is always real and keeping it positive on the track!
by JyahC August 11, 2015
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A sweet boy, is basically boy that listens to r'n'b, looks fresh on the level, ain't rude, likes 2 sing to his gyal n dat
And a type of r n b music by young male singers
1. Yo (excuse me miss) is such a sweet boy choon
2. Nah man he is such a sweet boy
by sweetndpink July 12, 2006
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A sweet boy is one who is not rude, enjoys life, and really is a good person to be around with.
Alex and Friends hang out and his friends consider him to be a sweet boy because he really is fun to be around.
by SergeySe April 19, 2007
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A man who exhibits homosexual/feminine characteristics, or is just a pussy in general. Taken from the urban slang for the word sweet.
"You wanna be a nigger, sweet boy? We gonna treat you like one." -Nazi dude from American History X
by Smoke Cracker September 14, 2007
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