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Sweet Baby Ray's is a world famous barbecue known for it's distinctive sweet and yet spicy taste. It is one of the most popular barbecue sauces on the market and has been known to have a very defined, almost cult-like following.
Person 1: What kind of barbecue sauce do you use?
Person 2: Sweet Baby Ray's, you freaking newb.
by Vayne April 21, 2005
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The best BBQ sauce in the world, and possibly the universe.

The second best thing to come out of Chicago after Playboy

The equivalent of black people in a bottle.

The sauce is the boss.
We can't have nothin' but Sweet Baby Ray's baby!
by Sweet Baby Ray October 06, 2008
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A term used for describing the NBA's greatest basketball player number 20 on the Celtics formally traded from the Sonics, Ray Allen

Also names such as: Rayneman, and Ray Ray will also be accepted.
That shot was a Sweet Baby Ray
by 12$BANKS February 07, 2008
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fine looking chocolate man. men that make you skeet all over yourself. big booty men. trey songz, kobe bryant
that boy playing ball with that packing booty was sweet baby rays
by vtarapotter June 30, 2010
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