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I was playing gun game on blops og and this kid kept winning, that kid was such a sweaty nerd
by Officerwilson August 11, 2017
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Pale, un showered, bespectacled male between the ages of 16 and 40 that live in their mother's home and play WoW all day.

Typically these nerds are try hards and rage quit frequently. They can normally be seen wearing nerdy headsets and yelling at their computers.
Mom: dinner is ready
Nerd: I can't come down I'm in the middle of a super important raiding party!!!
Mom: get off of your lazy fat ass you sweaty nerd and get a real job! and get out of my house you're 30 years old!!
Nerd: *rolls eyes* ok whatever mom.....
by inomorethanyou August 04, 2014
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someone who trys way too hard to get high kill games and wins in fortnite, basically ruin the game for everyone just trying to have fun.

will rush you, build on yo ass, and get the luckiest 1 pump possible ruining your whole game

will stay home from school for weeks just to get good at building in playground mode.

pretty good if they are your friends cause they can carry you to the dub, but otherwise they annoying as hell

sweaty nerd = Nathan
"OMG that sweaty nerd Nathan kid is still at home playing fortnite, jeez Louise he's a tryhard"
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by 21SAVAGEFORTNITETTV October 28, 2018
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The kid who abuses the games most overpowered stuff such as crouch spamming in rainbow six siege or c4s in fortnite
this sweaty nerd crouch spamming like a fucking kangaroo again
by smart 138 iq man May 09, 2019
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